Buffalo Bills Lease Agreement

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If the Bills had decided to unsubscribe, the lease would have expired on July 30 and would have given the Bills the right to move for the 2020 season. A memorandum of understanding was signed on Friday with the terms of the agreement, with the lease itself not yet concluded. It is subject to NFL audit and during budgeting by the state and Erie County. “This is a forward-looking agreement that doesn`t just think about today,” Poloncarz said. “But it`s also forward-looking, so we`re doing what`s necessary to not just ask ourselves at the end of this 10-year period, `What are we doing now?` Finally, this new agreement will create a New Stadiums Working Group, comprised of Bills, County and state representatives, to explore the potential for building a new stadium in the future, as well as a special fund for future development and planning. This new lease ensures that the Bills will remain a part of our community for the next decade and are also preparing for the future of a new stadium to ensure the Bills will remain in Buffalo for many years to come. The agreement contains a clause that limits the Bills to playing one annual home game and one preseason game every two years in Toronto. It`s comparable to the five-year deal between the Bills and Rogers Communications in Toronto to have the team play north of the border. I am proud to say that we have achieved this goal. On behalf of the entire Erie County bargaining team, I thank the Bills organization, Mr. Wilson and Governor Cuomo and his team for all the work they have done to honor this lease and for being there to give this Christmas gift to Bills fans everywhere. Rest, Bill`s nation. While the future success of the team is not guaranteed, the future site is at least for 10 more years.

And the price of the renovations is significantly lower than the $200 million projected by Mark Poloncarz, Erie County executive, when discussions began last spring. The Buffalo Bills live in Orchard Park, in the southeastern suburbs of Buffalo. The NFL club had a single exit clause that it refused on the contract to lease the stadium to New Era Field. The lease agreement was signed in 2013 and runs until the 2023 season. Mark Poloncarz, the county executive, said he had asked the Bills to submit a letter in which they would show their “commitment and good faith” to maintain the existing stadium agreement until it expires in July 2023. It`s equally important that the agreement contain a provision that essentially blocks the Bills for the next seven seasons. The franchise is expected to pay $400 million if it decides to leave before 2020. The team then has the option to purchase the remaining three years of the lease for $28 million….