Elrc Collective Agreement 1 Of 2018

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Ms N Tarabella-Marchesi (DA) said that once there had been discussions on changes under the agreement, many concerns had been raised, particularly among trade unions regarding the permanent employment of teachers who had been employed for a limited period of three months. What exactly was it and why were the unions so concerned about this issue? So what did the unions say about teachers having to work at a lower level than they were before when they resigned for two years? However, if a professor did not decide to resign, but chose a sabbatical, how long was a sabbatical allowed by the department? She said it was quite strange that the South African Council for Educators (SACE) did not automatically register SGB members. It asked whether it might have misunderstood in that regard and a member of the Delegation confirmed that it had misunderstood and that was not the case. Another problem was the lack of synergy between ELRC and SACE in disciplinary matters. When a hearing takes place, there should be synergies between the ELRC, the SACE and the participating school, in that the ELRC and the SACE must be present at the hearing and participate in the decision-making process to have a collective agreement. In the presentation, it was mentioned that a case submitted to the Member of the Executive Council (MEC) lasted three years, which requires the setting of a timetable, otherwise it would be difficult to hold the responsible parties to account, as witnesses would also disappear from the system over time. Ideally, files should be processed within six months.