Restaurant Lease Agreement Format

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A restaurant rental contract is used when a natural or legal person is interested in renting a space for the operation of his restaurant, cafĂ©, ice cream parlor or other restaurants. A lease is an essential document that defines the responsibilities of the lessor and the tenant. It also offers the monthly rent, which is responsible for incidental costs, and other unique features for the restaurant industry. 2.01 RENTED PREMISES. The lessor leases and leases to the lessee and leases to the les ____________Nombre _________Nombre sor the building that has been described in the red __ The term of the lease is valid for a period of _______years and ______ which begins on _____ day of ______ 20_ (“Term”). The tenant may take possession on the first day of the duration of the contract and transfer the property to the lessor on the last day of this contract, unless otherwise agreed and agreed in writing between the two parties. SUBORDINATION AND ATTORNATION. At the request of the lessor, the tenant will subordinate his rights under this contract to the instruction of a mortgage in force now or in part against the property or part thereof, as well as all advances paid on the guarantee or to be made at this time, as well as any basic or underlying rental contract of the immovable property, provided that: in that case, the holder of such a mortgage or the lessor accepts, under such a rental agreement, that the lease is not assigned or, in one way or another, in the event of enforcement or other late payment procedures in the context of that mortgage, the undertaking so secured or the lease, as long as the tenant is not late in accordance with the conditions of the rental agreement. The tenant agrees that, notwithstanding such a late procedure in the context of this mortgage or the commitment thus secured, this rental agreement remains fully in force and effective. The lessee must, in the event of the sale or transfer of the lessor`s shares in the building to which the premises belong, in the event of enforcement proceedings or in the event of the exercise of the power of sale in the context of a mortgage granted by the lessor for the premises, to the buyer and recognize this buyer as lessor under the lease contract. The tenant undertakes to return all the furnishing goods mentioned above at the end of the rental period in the state at the beginning of this lease, with the exception of deterioration due to normal wear and tear and use of the installation.

Fifteen (15) days during which the assignment or sublease must be accepted or refused. Any proposed subletting or assignment, which is not expressly refused by the lessor, will be given to the tenant in writing and indicating all the reasons for such refusal and within fifteen (15) days, is deemed approved. Notwithstanding the foregoing restriction, the lessor acknowledges that the lessee is a 100% subsidiary of ___