Smit Lamnalco Enterprise Agreement

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The agreement has been extended for four years, until 31 August 2024, for the ports of Melbourne, Botany, Newcastle and Brisbane. “Since the start of this agreement in 2015, Svitzer has consistently provided high quality service in these ports and we are determined to continue to do so,” said Nicolaj Noes, Managing Director of Svitzer Australia. Svitzer Australia and Smit-Lamnalco have extended the 2015 agreement, under which Svitzer will continue to provide services on behalf of Smit-Lamnalco at four ports in Australia. In a situation similar to Macklin`s at BHP`s Goonyella Riverside mine, where a unionized miner refused to train a contractor, unionized marine engineers at Gladstone said they did not need to train someone who was not employed as part of their company agreement. “Smit Lamnalco has always and will continue to make domestic delivery trips with its own management and personnel systems, in accordance with the corresponding company agreement.” Smit Lamnalco denies the fact that he is involved in any way in fictitious contracts. The deal started in August 2015 for the ports of Melbourne, Botany and Newcastle and was due to expire in mid-2018. As part of the expanded agreement, Svitzer will continue to charter six vessels from Smit. “Suitability may include a safety issue or a regulatory issue and, in this case, there is no evidence of concern on the part of engineers about their skills, competencies and training in organising engineering and induction training. “Smit Lamnalco has claimed that he supports local workers in seeking the exclusive convenience store contract in Gladstone Harbour, but the decision to use a shady deal to avoid reasonable wage rates or meet adequate safety standards shows exactly the opposite.” The Maritime Union of Australia accused Smit Lamnalco of using “fictitious contractual agreements”. Ports Harbours and Enclosed Water Vessels Award 2010 “Png Port Moresby Shipyard was selected for its performance, availability, Smit Lamnalco`s previous experience in the yard and the award,” said Fethers. This page is being revised and is being updated Both parties have maintained their own business activities and have continued to compete in these ports. Most of the company agreements negotiated by AIMPE are only for engineers. This is the result of AimPE`s policy of negotiating separate agreements. Separate agreements mean that only engineers can vote on the conditions that apply to engineers.

After some general training, the AIMPE Unionised Engineers got together and made their decision on the further training and refused to sign some related documents, despite SLT`s requests. “We see this as a good solution for the industry and part of our contribution to safer and more efficient ports in Australia.” David Fethers, Smit Lamnalco`s managing director for Australia and PNG, said they had an obligation to place four Gladstone tugs in dry dock in 2020, and due to the size of the vessels, only three shipyards in the region had the physical capacity to complete the docking project. The majority of AIMPE members have defined their terms and conditions of employment through a company agreement (see above), but the EEa are supported by a series of modern prices. When an application for EA authorization is submitted, it is subject to the “Better Off Over” test – known as BOOT. The Fair Work Commission applies the BOOT test to each proposed EA.