Visitor From A Country That Has A Reciprocal Health Care Agreement With Australia

The Australian government has RHCA with the governments of the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Malta, Italy, Belgium, the Republic of Ireland and New Zealand. The new RHCA can be negotiated at any time. Dutch visitors are entitled to the health insurance mentioned above until the expiry of their visa, CEV card or Dutch health insurance, depending on the above. Here is an overview of the countries that currently have mutual agreement and rights: Note: Mutual health agreements with the following countries were terminated in 2016: to see if you qualify for Medicare, visit To register with Medicare, Dutch visitors need a valid Dutch passport, either their European health insurance card with the Dutch initials , proof of valid insurance from the Dutch health insurance system. You must prove that you are legally resident in the UK. You should be able to provide either a British passport or an EEA passport, or a document authorizing you to stay in the UK, as well as proof of address, such as electricity bills. B or a British driver`s license. You must also register at a local Medicare service center. You can do this before or after treatment. Mutual health agreements (CORs) have given citizens of certain countries the right to obtain, during a visit to Australia, certain subsidized health services for basic medical treatment. They need a valid Finnish passport and, if they are not Finnish citizens, they need a health insurance card issued by the Finnish Social Security Institute or a valid European health insurance card with the initials FI or 2 residence documents. Illnesses and accidents can occur at any time and medical costs in Australia can be very high. Health insurance can help you protect yourself from some of these costs.

Please note that this information is correct at the time of writing, but may change. You can check the current status of any mutual health agreement for which you are allowed to check here on the Australian government website. You must bring your papers to the local branch of the Montenegro health fund (Fond za zdravstveno osiguranje – FZZO) to obtain a certificate that allows you to seek treatment in public medical facilities in Montenegro. It is also important to note that even if you are covered by an RHCA, you may need to maintain health insurance to meet your visa requirements. The United Kingdom has mutual health agreements with several non-EEA countries and territories. Maltese visitors need an ongoing Maltese passport and an up-to-date Maltese ID card. They are covered by Medicare for a period of 6 months from the date of arrival in Australia or until the expiry of their Medicare visa, depending on the previous date. British visitors require either a valid British passport (including passports issued in the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey) or a valid passport in Northern Ireland. Non-British nationals must also provide one of the following services: if you are retired in the UK and you live in Gibraltar, the Gibraltar authorities will offer you the same medical services as a citizen of Gibraltar. You don`t have to pay insurance premiums, but you have to pay a prescription fee. This is why Australian international visitors must purchase health insurance prior to their arrival, unless their country has a mutual health agreement with Australia.

Both travel insurance and the health protection of foreign visitors (OVHC) can contribute to the cost of medical care in Australia. However, there are several reasons why someone from a country with a mutual health agreement could still choose to purchase OVHC insurance.